How To Do Art Design Like A Pro Without Adobe




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How To Do Art Design Like A Pro Without Adobe

How to Design a Professional Brochure, Different Image size for YouTube Facebook etc. any size Using PowerPoint

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Design a Professional Brochure like a Pro
  • Design Different Image size for YouTube, Facebook etc.


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Have a Laptop or Desktop Computer with Microsoft Office


You may met many different requirement for you Web page, the Facebook cover page, the YouTube Cover page… You may need to design your name card, company Brochures. The best but complicated program is Adobe. However, it takes your longer time to master it. If you did not use it frequently, you may forget how to use.

Another option is pass to “Professional” Designer. No need mention the cost, the time you spent to communicate with them and give the feedback will give you another headache. “Professional” Designer are not worm in your brain, you know what you want and the contents better than them. Take the design into your own hand, it is easy as ABC. 


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