Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Editing Cells & Cell Contents




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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Editing Cells & Cell Contents

Learn to Be More Efficient in Microsoft Excel (Part 12 of a 20-Part Excel Course Series) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Become MORE PRODUCTIVE in Microsoft Excel
  • Save minutes each day
  • Show off your cool new skills: impress others with 17 awesome tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts


  • Windows PC or laptop


Most Recent Course Update:

December 2015

Course Description

Are you a Microsoft Excel user? How well do you know the program? Can you do most actions in Excel without using your mouse?

If not: Stop wasting time.

Learn to save several minutes each day by slightly tweaking your workflow. Discover 17 ways to work more efficiently when Editing Cell & Cell Contents in Microsoft Excel.


  • Become the go-to keyboard savant in your office.
  • Impress your boss.
  • Get more done each day.
  • Use the hours you save to make more money or just have some fun!

The choice is yours.

Click Take This Course” now, and become MORE PRODUCTIVE today!

See you in on the other side.


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