Guitar Crash Course (no Experience Necessary)




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Guitar Crash Course (no Experience Necessary)

Berklee Grad and Pro Teacher gets you started learning tunes by ear, reading music and improv in this 4-week course. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Strum along chords to most popular songs
  • Play the melody to a tune completely by ear
  • Read real sheet music, as well as guitar tab
  • Improvise your own guitar solo


  • Students should have a guitar or be prepared to get one
  • Students should be willing to budget 20-30 minutes per day practicing the materials provided
  • Students should have access to the following guitar accessories: a guitar pick (medium or heavy), a guitar strap, and a guitar tuner.
  • No additional software or experience is necessary


This course is dedicated to absolute beginners of the guitar who are highly skeptical of the quality and credibility of the other stuff out there on the Internet.

This course was designed, edited and reviewed by professionals, including experts in Online Learning and graduates from Berklee College of Music. In this course you will learn the groundwork for your first three months of playing the guitar.

You will learn fundamental skills of guitar playing, the same that are taught by the world’s best teachers.

You will begin on the path to:

  • Read and understand real sheet music instead of only learning tab.
  • Learn the established music tradition of ear training that will eventually allow you to play all of the music you hear without any written notation.
  • Learn to express yourself by improvising your own guitar solos.
  • Learn to accompany another musician by playing the chords to your favorite songs.

This course, presented by Grey, a graduate from Berklee College of Music and professional guitar teacher, will guide you through the first steps of playing the guitar.

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

Play the notes of music you hear by ear only

Play the chords for dozens of songs, and use special techniques to adapt other songs to the chords you already know, allowing you to play 100’s more.

Read real sheet music instead of just numbers printed on a line.

Improvise your own melodic guitar solo over the included karaoke-style backing track.

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