Play Games And Master Excel’s Shortcut Keys




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Play Games And Master Excel’s Shortcut Keys

The most interactive, fun way to learn Excel – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • 50 shortcut keys that save you time
  • How to use paste special
  • How to transpose data
  • How to trace formulas
  • How to find all comments on a worksheet
  • How to fix #N/A errors when using the VLOOKUP function


  • Must have a PC with Excel installed (Mac not supported)


Play games and learn all of the most important, time-saving shortcut keys in Excel. In this interactive course, you’ll download a workbook with ten mazes, and you’ll be able to follow along with instruction while building muscle memory going through the games. Learning is best done by doing, and doing is more fun when you’re playing a game. After playing each maze a number of times, your Excel skills will improve dramatically!

Note that this course is not compatible with Macs.

Author(s): Joseph Itri

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