Jupyter Notebook For Data Science & Machine Learning [Hindi]




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What you’ll learn

  • Be able to Use Jupyter Notebook for Data Science task, Data Analytics tasks and Deep Learning tasks Using Python, NumPy, Pandas and scikit-learn
  • Gain understanding of the Important tool needed in data science and Machine Learning field
  • Learn how to Basic to Advanced Features of Jupyter Notebook
  • Know History of the Jupyter behind Why Python became Popular for Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Start Using Jupyter Notebook same as Data Analyst does in his Daily Tasks and learn how to use it for Prediction of Data
  • Perform Magic Functions Of Jupyter Notebook in Python
  • Carry out Advanced Visualization task in Jupyter
  • Apply your skills to real-life business cases
  • Use state-of-the-art Jupyter Notebook Features to Filter Data and Unfold the power of Code Prototyping
  • Save Code Prototyping time by using keyboard short cuts


  • This course assumes that you have Very Basic Understanding programming Concepts. (Python Will be Added Advantage )


Why learn it?

Interested in the field of Data Science & Machine Learning? Then this course is first step in that direction for you!

Data Science and Machine learning is everywhere. And If you want to learn it, then Jupyter Notebook is First Step in the field of Data Professional.

As Data science and data analytics become popular and specialized, Python has exploded in popularity

Why ?

because of it Helps analyzing and working with data with very simple ways.

In this course, you will learn how Jupyter notebooks incredibly intuitive interactive environment for executing Python programs in most simple but Robust way.

First, you will learn how to get up and running with Jupyter notebooks and how best to leverage features such as markdown to enhance the readability of your code.

Then, you will understand more advanced features such as magic functions work and as well as JupyterLab

And Finally We will Perform Data Preprocessing, Visualization and Data Prediction using Machine learning Task

This course has been designed by team of professional Data Scientists so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn Tool required to start with Data Science.
We will walk you step-by-step into Getting to Know Jupyter Notebook.

We Will Start with Understanding everything from History till Latest version of Jupyter

We Will Install Installing Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks

We Will Install Installing Jupyter Notebooks using Pip

We Will Install Installing Jupyter Lab using Pip

We Will Work with Code Cells and Markdown Cells

We Will Work with Kernel and Understand how it impacts code prototyping as well as Coding flow

We Will Work Keyboard Short cuts to work effortlessly in Jupyter Notebooks

We Will Install Different Kernel so we could use different Programming Language in Jupyter Notebook

We Will Perform Data Analysis Task, in which we will look into topics such as Data Pre processing , Data Visualization and Machine Learning Task

We Will Perform Data Prediction using Regression

We Will Understand Widgets and How we can use them to improve flow of Program

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