Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom




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What you’ll learn

  • Understand practically how Google Classroom can change Learning
  • Enroll students into a Classroom using easier method
  • How to setup Google Account to use Google Classroom
  • Stream professionally on your Class using stream Tab
  • Create assignment and quiz with auto grading and result
  • Stream material, or post reuse post from other classes to even engage student
  • Google Calendar with Google Classroom can be learned to create amazing event
  • Learn to work both on Web and Phone on Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet
  • Guide on how you can user with School or personally with your student on any platform
  • Learn how to communicate with students using Google Classroom
  • Share to Google Classroom extension which makes easier to manage and engage student
  • Google Calendar extension to see the event coming up
  • Google Drive extension let you save anything anytime
  • Google Translate extension helps you to get meaning of each word anytime
  • Use Bitmoji to create your avatar to make fun teaching
  • Flubarroo extension will will help to auto grading within your quiz


  • Be motivated to change student experience with learning
  • Be passionate on teaching


Are you in the digital education industry and want to teach even more better professionally?

I am sure you have heard of Google Classroom for teaching classes, Google Classroom teaching service will make your students more positive experience and deep learning!

Google Classroom is a free Google for education and Google Suites service. With Google Classroom web application or with its phone app you can assist students progress, and teachers communication, manage and organize assignments, go paper less and much more!

Google Classroom during the pandemic days can help you to make student reach to their lessons more safer and easier so you want to engage them even better you can do it using Google Classroom that is part of Google suite!

Google Classroom is an easy-to-use and beautiful application that brings students new and different experience over learning either you use in physical class or virtually in Udemy or other learning platforms.

In this Google Classroom teaching app we cover everything you need to teach either physically or virtually! We will cover from teaching on class to use app in appropriate way to make your class engaging! From setting app to manage it efficiently and effectively.

By taking this Google Classroom teaching course you will be able to:

  • Learn to create a verified Google Account for Google Classroom teaching service
  • How to make your class set up and where to start
  • Making students invitation and motivate them to join
  • Managing students post on stream easily
  • Creating quiz more professional to give student classwork
  • Question creating that is simple version of Quiz
  • Learn how to grade students grade better
  • Reusing old posts from old class you had or have
  • Learn to work on your Class on phone or web both
  • Get most out of your classroom by managing its settings
  • Install Chrome extension to let your students to have other positive experiences
  • Create even more easier than before you just to know about Google Calendar
  • Understand Google Meet on how you can create meeting and schedule a meeting
  • Go in Live Meeting even if you don’t have super speed Connection you can mange it using Google Meet Settings

So don’t hesitate anymore,

Join us now to make new experience with your students!

Author(s): TJ Walker, JM Ekhteyari

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