Create Marketing Videos Like A Pro Using Invideo

Create Marketing Videos Like A Pro Using Invideo




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What you’ll learn

  • Make eye catching Video content easily with no hard to use editing tools.
  • Create amazing Social Media posts for your business or for fun.
  • Create content for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more at the same time.
  • BONUS! Learn to create a month of content in less than 30 minutes!


  • Internet and Computer


Over 60% of the people using the internet prefer video. Anyone using social media to sell, promote, or engage needs to know how to engage and make your brand stand out with videos.

This course walks you through how to create unique marketing and promo videos for your website, blog, Instagram Feed, Facebook or other social media pages. NEED TO ENGAGE your Facebook Group? Trying to BRAND YOUR BUSINESS? VIDEO IS THE WAY TO GO.

This step by step course will show you how to create beautiful eyecatching videos for your social media platforms.

  • Turn your Articles and Stories into video FAST AND EASY
  • Learn how to use PREMADE TEMPLATES AND MUSIC to enhance the videos.

*** I will walk you through step by step using an amazing FREE platform (More features are available with membership) and get you CREATING VIDEO CONTENT LIKE A PRO! ***

Stuck for ideas and need help?  I’m always around. I love my course and use the tools presented for my own business and marketing. Join me as I walk you through the steps.

When you’re done send me your videos and I will showcase them on my business page! 

Enjoy this course and have fun making amazing videos your clients will love.

Author(s): Susan Bell

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