Introduction to Cryptocurrency




What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to identify and discuss the main properties of blockchain technology.
  • Students will be able to evaluate cryptocurrencies based on their use case and function.
  • Students will be able to differentiate Bitcoin and Ethereum from other blockchain projects.
  • Students will be able to compare Proof-of-Work (mining) to Proof-of-Stake (staking) protocols.


  • No experience or prior knowledge required! Complete beginners to cryptocurrency, finance, and technology are welcome.


In this course we will discuss the main concepts of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and Ethereum including:

  • What Blockchain is
  • Properties of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain use cases and applications
  • Decentralized peer-to-peer networks
  • Hash functions
  • Ledgers
  • History of Bitcoin
  • Monetary value
  • Bitcoin properties
  • Bitcoin transactions
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Bitcoin nodes
  • Halving cycles
  • Legality of Bitcoin
  • History of Ethereum
  • How Ethereum works
  • Ethereum transactions
  • Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum Gas
  • ERC-20 tokens
  • ETH 2.0
  • Proof of Work (mining) vs Proof of Stake (staking) consensus protocols
  • and much more!

Learn about what Bitcoin is in layman’s terms without the overly technical jargon, including how mining works from people who have actual experience mining, investing, and trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Constructed by professionals at FAL Consulting, this course is THE perfect entry point into the cryptocurrency space. Designed specifically for complete beginners to cryptocurrency and finance, this course has been tested in multiple live classes and is now available on the Udemy platform. At FAL Consulting, we provide users with a wide variety of cryptocurrency consulting services. We have serviced a wide variety of clients from every day retail investors to Wall Street financial firms. Our in house specialists focus in cryptocurrency mining, trading, NFT management and creation, DAO management, cyber security, staking pool operation, and more. You can trust that when partnering with FAL, we have your best interests in mind.

Author(s): Kevin Edell

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