Adobe Illustrator Course For Beginner




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What you’ll learn

  • Workspace and Document Interface
  • Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool
  • Grop Selection Tool, Lasso Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool, Anchor Tool
  • Curvature Tool


  • Basic Coumputer Skill
  • Understand English Language


Are you looking to learn Adobe Illustrator from the beginning? If you want to learn illustrator from the very beginning than you are in right place this course is designed for the beginner level. This course breaks things down in simple, bite-sized lessons that make each part of Illustrator easy to understand and apply.

Lets take a look what you will learn from this course:

Customizing and editing the Illustrator Workspace

Creating Documents

The Pen tool

Adding and editing Anchor points

Drawing and customizing shapes

The Direct Selection tool for editing shapes

Colors, swatches, gradients

Strokes and fills

Corner radius options

Magic wand tool

Eyedropper tool

Appearance panel

Creating and editing patterns

Using the Width Tool

Working with Artboards

Graphic Styles

And more!

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Use Adobe Illustrator effectively for your designs and illustrations
  • Create powerful and eye-grabbing social media and website content
  • Use all of the tools available to design graphics and create illustrations for yourself or your customers
  • Navigate around the Adobe Illustrator application with ease
  • Create different types of illustrations and graphic design templates
  • Build professional designs for different purposes

During learning if you face any issue than you don’t have to worry about I will help you out for your issue.

Author(s): Ben Kemp, Zechariah Tech

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