Basics Of Storage Management





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Basics Of Storage Management

Basics of Storage Management – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Chapter 01. Installing OpenFiler Updated
  • Chapter 02. Initial Configuration OpenFiler
  • Chapter 03. Adding Virtual Disks to the OpenFiler Storage
  • Chapter 04. RAID0 updated
  • Chapter 05. Managing Linux Volumes
  • Chapter 06. iSCSI Target, ACL Configuraion & Publishing LUN
  • Chapter 07. Mounting Remote Storage LUNS
  • Chapter 08. Mounting LUN in Windows Server


  • There are no prerequisites.
  • Basic computer knowledge is enough.


This course will help you understand the storage management concepts and understand all the protocols used in managing enterprise storages. This course simulates the storage management environment using Open Filer (Open Source based Enterprise Storage Appliance) and help students to build their understanding about the storage technologies.

Videos related to DAS, NAS and SAN will help you understand the realtime environment which you can simulate in your home virtualization lab.

Author(s): Dhananjay Naldurgkar

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