Beginner Course On Programming And Coding Fundamentals





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Beginner Course On Programming And Coding Fundamentals

A programming course for office workers, university students or anyone, who wants to learn the fundamentals of coding. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create functions to repeat tasks and commands at ease
  • Create variables to store data and use them when needed
  • Create Data Types : Integers, String and Booleans, null, and not mix them up
  • Create Conditional Statements, so you know how to make a sound decision
  • Create For Loops to repeat a task till the objective is met
  • Use Logical and Relational Operators to see what is true or false by comparing statements
  • Create Lists to store data like in an attendance sheet


  • No programming experience is required.
  • Basic computer skills: surfing websites, running programs, saving and opening documents, etc.


If you’re an office worker, student, administrator, or just anyone who wants to explore the wondrous world of programming, this course will teach you the basics of programming. Moreover, it has some reference to pop culture like Ariana Grande and Singaporean context like Nasi Lemak Burger.

This course is for complete beginners and covers the fastest growing language, Dart. Hopefully, this course entertains as well.

This course covers concepts on:

Functions, that either runs multiple tasks in one command, or that takes in an input and gives the needed output

Data Types such as integers, strings, booleans and nulls

Variables, that stores the different data types, for later use

Relational and Logical Operators, to compare statements to see which is true or false

Conditional Statements, to make the sound decision

List, to store data in a structured way

Loops, to run the same task till the goal has been reached

By the end of this course, not only you’ll be able to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of programming, but also be able to list this on your resume.

Once you completed the course, you will get a free course on Flutter, a framework created by Google, which uses the Dart language.

Author(s): Haris Samingan

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