2 Courses In 1 – Accounting And Financial Reporting





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2 Courses In 1 – Accounting And Financial Reporting

Accounting and Financial Reporting

What you’ll learn

  • Accounting Basics and Financial Reporting


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Topics include:

Accounting Basics:

Accounting equation, Debit and Credit, Accounting definition, Accounting concepts, Accounting Cycle, Journals, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Statement of Financial position, bookkeeping,

Financial Reporting:

Cashbook, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Control Accounts, Bad and Doubtful debts, budgets, Depreciation, Payroll Accounting etc.

This course has been designed for starters especially. It aims at clearing concepts of users of all levels. It explains all the basic concepts of Accounting and bookkeeping.

Author(s): Syed Bilal Hassan Shah

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