Watercolor Painting With Master Step-by-step: Poppy Field





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Watercolor Painting With Master Step-by-step: Poppy Field

3-steps lesson teaches you how to create a realistic watercolor landscape within 2 hours using professional techniques – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • After easy 3-steps lesson you will be able to create your own watercolor landscape. 1. Consequence of applying watercolor techniques. 2. Which paints to mix for natural colors 3. How to correct any mistakes and make your painting vibrant.


  • Equipped with professional watercolor and this course instructions, one can start watercolor trip. Video-course “Watercolor trip to France: Poppy field” is ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • For beginners: Learn professional watercolor techniques easy and fast!
  • For professionals: Get some tricks from one of the best watercolorists in the world.


Learn professional watercolor techniques easy and fast!

This video courseWatercolor trip to France: Poppy field is a step-by-step tutorial made by Ukrainian watercolorists: Andrej Gerasimyuk (ranked in TOP20 worlds watercolorists) and Vitaly Dets (finalist TOYP 2014).The tutorial shows how just in a 3steps you can learn painting poppy fieldwith watercolor. The authors share their expertise and secrets of watercolor techniques in the form of step-by-step interactive lessons. Video-course includes different techniques:wet-in-wet, dry, splattering, masking etc. It is one of 16 lessons extracted from the book “Watercolor trip to Italy”. So if you have the book, you can paint directly in it.

!This master-class from the Andrej Gerasimyuk appears in internet for the first time. All his 30 years experience in watercolor painting will be used for creating this course!

Shortly about structure:

  1. You make draftdrawing on watercolor paper. Sketch is attached to the lection.
  2. Applying mask.Making first layer wet-in-wet. Checking this step.
  3. Taking out the mask. Painting house and the field.Checking this step.
  4. Finishing all details.Checking this step.

Short history.

Before creating a book and a video-course, artists traveled together several times to get the best authentic views from France. They properly selected most expressive locations to include in the book. Then, they painted more than 50 watercolors and among them, they have chosen the most suitable for a tutorial. Carefully prepared instructions have been included in the last version of the book.

About authors:

Andrej Gerasimyuk (born in 1970) famous Ukrainian watercolor painter, which is ranked in the worlds TOP20 according to Kuzema ranking. He is several times finalist in the competition of the Artists Magazine in 2008 and 2009 and finalist in the XXI Century Watercolor Open Competition organized by the Royal Watercolor Society etc. In TOP100 among 16000 participants. He was also the artist of the month in the USA.

Vitali Dets (born in 1981) Ukrainian artist, who invented his own method to learn painting within one day. He is the first to have started it in Ukraine. Since 2005, more than 5000 amateur artists created their own paintings within one day in his studio. Vitali implemented his method in the book Watercolor trip to Italy to simplify learning.

Author(s): Vitalii Dets

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