Watercolour Painting – Frequently Asked Questions





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Watercolour Painting – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just starting out with watercolour painting here are some questions I get asked time and again.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn some essential information about the materials and equipment.
  • Learn about some basic skills and techniques.
  • How to paint shadows.
  • Understand colour values
  • Learn how to move and lift your paint.


  • You will need some watercolour paints, watercolor paper, brushes and a pot of water.


If you have just started painting with watercolour paints you probably have lots of questions.

And even if you have been painting for a while you may have the same question pop up in your head every time you paint.

So I thought I would put together a short course featuring some of the ‘frequently asked questions’ along with any videos, pictures or documents to help you out.


It can be baffling when you start something new and you are wading your way through different products at different prices. What do you really need and what can wait.


You’re happily working you way along and then something really strange happens or you trip over the same old stumbling block.. Perhaps you can’t get a colour dark enough or you put it in the wrong place and want to take it off. It can be frustrating.

A lot of of the problems can only be overcome with experience and practice. However from my years of teaching on painting holidays, online and with my events ‘ASK Nicola’ I have gathered the one that come up the most.

So here I am to answer them and offer some good basic advice.

Enjoy your painting, love Nicola.

Author(s): Nicola A Blakemore

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