Parenting Confidence Tips & Motivational Course For Parents





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Parenting Confidence Tips & Motivational Course For Parents

Positive Motivating Messages For Mom and Dads

What you’ll learn

Motivation and Encouragement For Mothers
Motivate and Encourage Fathers
Increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence




This course is geared toward parents. First it goes over COVID-19, coronavirus information. It covers how to talk to your children about the virus. The signs of the virus are explored. After the timely information the course transitions to a course to build up your family happiness. Many parents believe their life purpose is to raise happy children. Too many things today tear families apart. I will go over a habit forming month of motivating messages for dad to reinforce all the reason your child loves you. Following that, I will cover a month of motivating messages for mom to remind her of all the reasons the children love and need her. We will round out the course with ten ways you can build up confidence and self esteem in your children. Improve the parenting relationship in your family through mindfulness in parenting.

Author(s): Crystal Hutchinson Tummala

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