Simplicity Powerpoint Theme: Design & Animate First 5 Slides





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Simplicity Powerpoint Theme: Design & Animate First 5 Slides

Design 5 Modern PowerPoint slides – Simplicity theme. Animate them with awesome animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to design and animate modern PowerPoint presentations
  • Design 5 Modern, stunning slides from Simplicity Theme in PowerPoint
  • Add subtle, but modern animations to those modern slides you have designed in PowerPoint
  • Equip yourself to design and animate PowerPoint presentations


  • Basic familiarity in PowerPoint Animations is required. Such as how to add entrance effects, exit effects.
  • Access to PowerPoint 2016 or Office 365 latest version
  • Curiosity to watch or learn, ‘How these modern slides are designed?’


Modern Slide Design and Animation

Well-designed Slide, always provides a professional, custom look that says that the presenter cared enough about the audience. It is always necessary to give slide design as much effort and consideration as annual reports and other materials preparation. Because it decides the standard and level of company or person.

When all your slide design look alike, your entire message can be blurred. So a trendy, modern and customized slides will always support you. Its about making an impact that influences your audience.

Why to go for animation in addition to design process?

Audiences mostly learn more when presented with multimedia PowerPoint. It plays a major role in delivery of information and illustrate processes.

It enhances visual interest and help the audience to focus on what the presenter is presenting and helps the presenter to reinforce key points. Adding movement to text, graphics, and images always create a dynamic and engaging experience.

What’s inside this course?

This course is all about Designing and Animating 5 Unique and Modern PowerPoint slides. You will learn How to design and animatethe first 5 slides of the Simplicity PowerPoint theme.

I have included an Introduction Section to know the importance of designing a PowerPoint slide and What you are going to learn in this entire course. I have also shown a preview of slides which you are going to design and animateusing PowerPoint.

A resource file is also added, which consists of some images and fontsthat I have used while designing these 5trendy slides. I have covered the designing and animating process of the trendy Slides in a step by step manner.

Author(s): Arun Nagarathanam

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