The Complete Personal Finance Course





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The Complete Personal Finance Course

How to Manage Your Money in Today’s Economy, Invest it, & Build Long Term Wealth

What you’ll learn

  • how a few simple adjustments to your financial plan can make you wealthy
  • several great resources & books to learn how to invest & build wealth
  • how to pay yourself first
  • how to save more money
  • how to identify assets & liabilities in your own life so you can buy assets & avoid liabilities
  • how to get rich
  • how to build long term wealth
  • the best places to invest your money
  • the best places to save your money
  • the best investment vehicles to multiply your money
  • things not to invest in unless you want to go broke
  • how to read a company’s balance sheet
  • how to invest in the stock market
  • how to invest in ETFs & mutual funds
  • how to budget properly
  • how to re-frame your mindset so you can achieve wealth
  • and much much more!


  • Access to the Internet
  • An interest in personal finance or improving your own financial situation


Why aren’t we all rich?

The average person will make a million dollars in their lifetime, but still fail to amass wealth or ever become a “millionaire.” Why is that?

Is it because there’s some secret the rich know the rest of us don’t?

Of course not. The difference between how the rich handle their money & manage their finances is only slightly different than most people.

Let’s take golf for example…the average golfer is only a few millimeters off with their swing. Yet, those initial few millimeters in how they approach the ball makes a massive difference in where it ends up on the course.

You see, the rich follow a few simple, proven laws of managing money. They’re only slightly different than the ones most people grow up learning.

If you can adjust your financial approach just a few millimeters, it can massively affect where you “land” a few years from now.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, but time.

Enroll in the Complete Personal Finance Course today & start learning how to Manage Your Money in Today’s Economy, Invest it, & Build Long Term Wealth just like the rich do.

Author(s): Bryan Guerra

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