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Teach English Online

Introduction to Teaching English Online – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to Teach English to International Students, Online.
  • What is Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language. TEFL/ TESOL
  • How In Demand English Speakers are for Online English Teaching
  • Who is Eligible to be Hired to Teach Online
  • How to Quickly get TEFL Certified
  • How to Pass the Teaching Interview
  • How to Land a High Paying $20+ Online Teaching Job.
  • How to Structure a Typical Lesson


  • Fluent English Speaker
  • Motivated to Complete the Course in a Maximum of 2 Weeks
  • Interested in Earning Money Teaching English to International People
  • Access to a Computer and a Strong Internet Connection


This Introduction to Teaching English Online course will open a new world of possibilities and opportunities for you!

Did you know you can teach English online part-time or full-time? 

Are you aware that you do not need to have a university level teaching qualification to teach English to foreign students? 

In these uncertain times many people are struggling and stressing over their job security and fearing for the worst. This course provides an opportunity for you to proactively take control and put yourself back in the driving-seat. 

Online English Teaching is an ever growing industry giving fluent English speakers all over the world the option to work when they want from wherever they want. Teaching English Online gives TEFL certified teachers the opportunity to work part-time or full-time. This course will show you how to easily obtain an industry standard TEFL certificate so you can Apply for the various online teaching positions available each month. English speakers are in very high demand! There are millions of English language learners around the world that need motivated teachers to help them learn and develop their language skills. More than 20,000 new job positions open monthly for English speakers who want to teach English as a foreign language. This course will show you how you can prepare for your teaching interview, apply to genuine companies and land and online teaching position paying more than $1500 per month. 

You will learn the skills for structuring lessons, how to build your teaching tool kit, how to find high paying jobs. You will learn about the different types of students you can teach, young learners, adolescents and adults and the different motivations they have for developing their English skills. This course contains valuable information and training which can transform your life. You will acquire the knowledge to help you decide if you want to work the typical 9-5 each day or live life on your terms by choosing your own working schedule whilst making a positive difference in the lives of countless language learners across the globe. 

What is TEFL? 

Simply put it means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. 

Do I need to speak the student’s language? 

No, Lessons are delivered 100% in English. Students learn by being exposed 100% to English 

I am not a trained teacher, can I still apply? 

Yes! Teaching English as a Foreign Language requires a minimum level of 120-hours training. This teaching certificate course can be completed online via distance learning in as little as 2 weeks and is very affordable. The course will teach you the essentials of what you need to know. You can progress your knowledge and qualifications if you choose to further your career in TEFL. This Introduction to Teaching English Online course will inform you about which courses are best for your personal circumstances. 

I have no experience, can I apply? 

Yes! Each company has their own criteria and many are flexible when it comes to experience. Think about your experience and how you can make it relevant to the job your are applying for. A TEFL certificate and a motivated and friendly personality are the most important as full training will be provided by each company. 

Is this course worth my time? 

  • There are an estimated 2 Billion English language learners around the globe eagerly learning the lingua franca. 
  • The TEFL industry has a market value of $200 Billion USD. 
  • The Chinese TEFL market has an estimated market value of $4.5 Billion USD
  • More than 20,000 new ESL jobs are listed every month.
  • The Sector is growing at the rate of 15% each year.
  • Companies are paying online teachers up to $30 USD per hour. 

The figures clearly indicate the popularity and growth of the TEFL industry and highlight the need and demand for English speakers, just like you, to teach online and abroad. 

What else is included? 

Lifetime Access to course updates 

Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section 

Access to a Facebook support group

Are you ready to make a difference in both your life and in the lives of your future students? Go ahead and hit the “take this course” button and start your new journey today!

Author(s): Paul The Borderless Coach

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