Excel Vba For Modelling Using Numerical Methods





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Excel Vba For Modelling Using Numerical Methods

Learning the application and theory of the numerical methods for modelling in Excel VBA for 3 hours with practical test

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of VBA
  • Making a data table for single and multi variable functions
  • Numerical integration with Trapezoid and Simpson’s rule
  • Numerical derivation of a point using limit definition of derivation and finite difference method
  • Optimization techniques to find minimum and maximum function using Sequential, Dichotomous and Golden Section Search
  • Newton-Raphson and bisection iteration methods to find the root of the function
  • To find a point solution of the first order differential equation using Euler’s method
  • Solution of the system of equations using the matrix approach
  • Application of Excel functions in VBA on the given data
  • Determinant, inverse and multiplication of matrice
  • To define the regression equation for the data and interpolation technique
  • How to use algorithmic approach to a combined problem


  • Basic Excel knowledge
  • Excel 2007 and further versions


Hello everyone,

As it is known, the engineers deal with a big amount of data and they use the sophisticated calculations to solve the problems. However, sometimes the analytical approaches are not efficient, because of the complexity or impossibility. In this case, the numerical methods are very useful to solve the problem with the low level of the errors. 

In this course, you will learn how to find the most approximate result to the real solution using the Excel VBA. The key points of each method is explained and the examples are given with detailed explanation. The course starts from the beginner level to explain the basics of VBA. Then, explaining the theoretical background of the each method, we will learn how to solve the different tasks in Excel VBA. In the end of the course, there will be problems which can improve your skills.

The course will provide you with both theoretical and practical skills to solve any modelling problem with numerical methods. For each topic, the scientific papers are also added in the course which will elaborate you with advanced background. 

Author(s): Safar Asad

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