20 Free Life Hacks To Inspire You To Excel In Business &life





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20 Free Life Hacks To Inspire You To Excel In Business &life

20 Free Videos to Inspire You to Live Your Life on Your Terms – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Have the confidence to choose a career that you are most passionate about (and set very aggressive and VERY achievable goals….#NOLIMITS).


  • No prior business, career or personal development experience is required to take this course.


Welcome to “20 Free Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business & Life.” This course is a collection of 20 of my favorite daily video Vlogs. Topics that we will cover include:

Day 1: Finding Your Career Path and Happiness (What Hat Should You Wear)? 

Day 2: How to Build Unstoppable Confidence

Day 3: Cut These People Off (Get Them Out of Your Life)

Day 4: Why You Need Yoda’s (Mentors) to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Day 5: How to Focus Better!

Day 6: Interview Better, Sell More & Get A Promotion Faster by Being You

Day 7: How to Save $1,000,000+

Day 8: Failure Is Not Shameful Because You’ll Never Make It Big Without Failing

Day 9: Goal Setting:A Simple Way to Increase the Chances of Achieving Your Goals

Day 10: How to Find Your Passion

Day 11: You Are 26 Years Younger Than You Think + 16 Other Positive Things!

Day 12: Visualize Your Goal, Vocalize It & Set A Deadline (Right Now).

Day 13: How to Meet Any CEO You Want! JACKPOT For Your Career!

Day 14: Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Company. (I Want To Help You Do This)!

Day 15: Get Into Your Natural High Zone to Boost Your Productivity

Day 16: Write A Book The Easy Way & Watch Your Career Take Off!

Day 17: Why Skeptics Can Be Great For Your Career & Business!

Day 18: How to Get Into Your Genius Zone So You’llBe More Productive & Love Work

Day 19: Why Frustration With Your Job is a Good Thing

Day 20: Liberating Your Fear of Failure 


Author(s): Chris Haroun

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