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Oneness Now

A Path To Peace In Troubled Times – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn powerful meditation techniques that bring a sense of inner peace and deep connection to the oneness within us.
  • Students will also learn the background – both scientific and spiritual – to these teachings and so develop a profound understanding of our most fundamental, non-separated nature.


  • None.


In times of global uncertainty and chaos, we need to find some peace within; some way to settle the storms that endlessly swirl. 

Designed by a renowned psychiatrist, writer and meditation teacher, this course brings together both science and spirituality to help you realise your deepest nature and thus find an inner peace that is always yours; the peace of knowing that, at our most profound level, we are one. 

Oneness Now helps you, not just to understand this reality, but to connect to and genuinely feel it. Through a series of lessons and techniques, honed over the years, you will be shown how to realise your true nature and consequently find calm and contentment wherever you are. 

Author(s): Russell Razzaque

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