Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Practice Exams





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Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Practice Exams

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Professional Cloud Developer certification is one of the most promising Google Cloud certifications intended for cloud developers. The Google certified professional cloud developer exam can help an individual earn the career prospects associated with the job role of professional cloud developers.

As a Google certified Cloud Developer, you would be required to create applications with higher availability and scalability by using best practices and tools recommended by Google. You should also note that the development process would include the support of fully managed services.

Individuals passing this exam could be able to gain experience in developer tools, next-generation databases, and runtime environments. As a professional cloud developer, you would also need to improve your skills in the use of a particular general-purpose programming language at the least.

Also, candidates would need to perform better in the use of Stackdriver for developing reasonable metrics and logs for tracing and debugging code. You dont have to worry about any prerequisites to appear for this exam. The exam objectives could be outlined clearly as follows:

  • Designing of cloud-native applications with higher levels of scalability, reliability, and availability.
  • Development and testing applications.
  • Deployment of applications.
  • Integration of Google Cloud Platform Services.
  • Management of application performance monitoring.

Language, format, and duration

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer exam is available in two languages, i.e., English and Japanese. The duration of the Professional cloud developer certification exam is two hours, and candidates have to appear for the exam in-person at the assigned test center. The exam would comprise of multiple choice and multiple select questions.

Certification name : Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Prerequisite : None

Exam Duration : 2 hours

Exam Pattern : Multiple Choice and Multiple Select Questions

Passing Score : No scoring criteria

Validity : 2 years

Registration Fee : $200 + applicable taxes

Exam Languages : English and Japanese

Author(s): Tuvshinzaya Mendbayar

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