Improve Decision Making Skills With Excel Pivot Tables





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Improve Decision Making Skills With Excel Pivot Tables

With real Companies examples learn the best tricks of Excel Pivot Tables in Just 1 Hour. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Format the data for better pivot tables
  • Analyze the same data from different perspectives
  • Create Dynamic Charts
  • Create Pivot tables with ease


  • Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 (Recommended) 
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010.
  • Basic Excel Knowledge


Working withlarge data can be stressful andtime consuming, also sometimes you have to dig downtoo muchjust to get simple statistics.This course will make you analyze data a lot more quick and efficient using pivot tables. The content of this course willnot only make you faster, will make you improve inthe decision making process because you will be able to see statistics that are almost impossible to see just using normal tables.

Analyze any type of data using pivot tables with practical examples

  • Format any type of data to create better and cleanerpivot tables.
  • Practice with 6 real life practical examples.
  • Create pivot tables with ease.
  • Group data fields manually to have a better perspective.
  • See your results in percentages, numbers and a lot more formats.
  • Learn how to create and easily use Pivot Charts.
  • Use powerful filters to dig down your data.
  • Customize you original data to create very powerfulPivot Tables.

Quicker than you ever imagine

Pivot Tables are not difficult nor advanced tools, you cannot believe how easy is to create and manipulate them. If you use excel to process any type of data in you personal life, job or any other project, this course will bring you efficient solutions with 6 real life practical examples.

Contents andoverview

Forget theoretical explanations and slow, long and boring examples and learn in just1 hour, 10lessonsand 6 practicalexampleseverything you need to know about pivot tables.

The learning method used in this course brings easy and digestible explanations while you work simultaneously with me in every singlelesson. 

When you finish the course you will create pivot tables in less than 5 minutes with clean and good quality data, also you will be able to visualize your data with dynamic pivot charts.

As a bonus you will learn some tips, tricks and hacks, that made mesucceed in a lot of problems and situations in my professional experience and will help you more than you imagine in yours.

Author(s): Javier Polanco

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