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Amazon Alexa – Build Flash Briefings

Learn how to develop Flash Briefings from scratch for Amazon Echo devices

What you’ll learn

  • How to build Flash Briefings for Amazon Echo devices
  • Create RSS Feeds
  • Create XML files
  • Create JSON files
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Developer Console


  • Ideally have an Echo device or the Alexa app to test your Flash Briefings


Learn how to build Flash Briefing for Amazon Echo Devices from scratch with ease!

In this course I will guide you through everything that is involved to create a flash briefing skill for Echo devices using various methods, this includes creating the skill from scratch all the way through to publishing & certification.

  • Create a fully functional RSS feed
  • Create and code an XML file
  • Create and code a JSON file
  • Create text & audio flash briefings
  • Create and upload files to your own AWS account
  • Create skills in your own Developer Account
  • Learn how to update your briefings
  • Use external feeds to build a briefings quickly and easily
  • Best ways to promote your briefing after publishing

Within the course, we LEARN-BY-DOING, I walk you through all the steps it takes to create multiple flash briefings within the Amazon framework so you understand what you are doing and why! You will learn how to code an XML file and JSON file so you can create briefings with ease, get to grips with Amazon Web Server and the Developer Console, learn how to best build your skill so it will be published onto the Amazon Skills store. This course will arm you with the skills and practical knowledge to give you confidence to go and create your own flash briefings in the future. You will also learn the best way to promote your skill once it has been published.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals that want to learn how to create Flash Briefings for Alexa
  • Individuals that want to learn how to create XML files and JSON files and turn them into skills
  • Anyone from beginners to experts when it comes to building skills

By the end of this course you will have created multiple Flash Briefings using different methods and have the tools to take your Echo skills to the next level!

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Author(s): Andy Clarke

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