Realistic Drawing & Photoshop Of Laughing Portraits





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Realistic Drawing & Photoshop Of Laughing Portraits

After drawing with Pencil Coloring with Photoshop – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Drawing with Penscil
  • Photoshop Coloring


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Everyone can create a face with the least talent. Drawing eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips and the main elements of the face. And the exact proportions between them. Then Coloring your art works in Photoshop. Then you can take a picture of your excellent drawing and paint it with Photoshop software. I will teach coloring in Photoshop with simple tools. Without the use of a light pen. That is, coloring step the art portrait with Photoshop. Also download source files for practice. Practice with more than twenty hours. In addition, I look forward to seeing your artwork in our family.

Author(s): Houshang Falahrezaei

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