E-z Photoshop Techniques For Social Media Marketing





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E-z Photoshop Techniques For Social Media Marketing

Graphic design tools & techniques to create stunningly attractive images for social media marketing. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

You should gain a new set of ideas & toolswhich will assist you in creating visually attractive imagesfor social media & web design projects.
You should have additional confidence when creating an image from scratch


Access to Adobe Photoshop, preferably.
Possess strong desire to enhance graphic design & overall design skillset


PICK UP SOME COOL GRAPHIC DESIGN IDEAS! If you’re into creating some snazzy images for social media marketing using Photoshop, or even just learning a little bit about Photoshop … get yourself enrolled. You will have me on videoin the bottom right portion of your screenguiding & instructing you as we look at some neat ways to make stunningly attractive graphicshassle free.

In this course, we will examine:

Basic tools and layout while starting an image to get your feet wet
Using Photoshop Patterns for cool effects
Using Photoshop & brush settings for maximum attractiveness
Using several Photoshop tools together to create Photoshop images you can share on your social networks (e.g. facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & twitter.)
For more than 15 years, I have used these techniques in my various web design projects, ranging from internet web design, shopping cart product graphics, logo design & trademark design, kindle book cover design, kindle book graphics, PowerPoint presentation design, electronic greeting card design, etc.

What if you were to take 30-60 minutes to walk through some Photoshop techniques with me? Might they possibly enhance your efforts in your own projects? What about that next job interview? Could you possibly use one or more of these E-Z Photoshop techniques to wow your next employer? What if you used their company logo married to a photo of yourself on a cool background, created with a Photoshop pattern idea we cover in this course?

Looking back some years, once I was hired because when I submitted my resume, I broke from the “norm” and took a chance. I mean, how relevant is a resume when it’s overlooked and passed over? This is why I believe sweet looking images can make an impact!

During my interview, my lead cover page was brought out as a topic of discussion. With smiles and laughs from the Director of IT, it was clear my efforts had achieved my primary objective of getting noticed and interviewed. The cover page contained several Photoshop images. They were all created using techniques I will share with you in this course.

One snapshot was for a clever and catchy web site I had put together as one of my own projects. What caused me to stand outafter God’s favor of coursewas this lead cover page which displayed my unique creativity and personality. Well, people want to see your unique abilities and ideas as you share your visual communications, as well!

Use just a handful of design tools & techniques to capture more attention in your social media networks, your hobbies and your web design projects. Unleash your creativity using visual communications and Adobe Photoshop in this cool, new course!

Author(s): Jeff Zahorsky

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