3.Guided Meditation – Develop Self-Knowing in 30 minutes





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3.Guided Meditation – Develop Self-Knowing in 30 minutes

Develop Self-Realization, Habit Patterns Through Meditation – Free Course

What you’ll learn

People who want to know more about themselves, their deeper desires, habit patterns
People who want to have insight into the cause of their unhappiness





In this meditation you may experience more than usual wandering thoughts and emotions. This is normal because this meditation will naturally reveal your inner nature for you to develop Self-Knowing.

The most powerful knowledge in life is Self-Knowing.
We spend most of our time in life learning many things, about the latest trends, about how to make money, about how to play sports and so forth.

It is only when we look within that we realize how little we know about ourselves.

Its important to develop Self-Knowing.
Without Self-Knowing, we will not know about our deeper desires, why we are unhappy, why we react negatively, why we fear this and that.
In this guided meditation, you will be guided on a journey to Know yourself, to know the person behind the personality.

And with Self-Knowing, comes Self-Transformation.
Because the more you realize about yourself, the more you will begin to change for the better.


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Notes about Meditation

Meditation is a powerful technique that anyone can learn.
At its core, we simply observe the breath.

Because the technique is so simple.
One may overlook the self-transformative aspect of the practice.

Now, how much you get out of meditation will depend on how you guide yourself through the experience. Without a guide, we can simply get lost and achieve no results. So this guided meditation was created to help to guide you on your inner journey in the most efficient way, so that you can develop Self-Knowing in the most efficient way.

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