Poster And Banner Design For Beginners





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Poster And Banner Design For Beginners

Ultimate Guide on Occasional Sales Promotions / Co-teaching with M.G

What you’ll learn

  • Design great holiday posters and banners


  • Basic computer skills


Have you ever looked at beautiful advertising posters or banners on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or on noticeboards on your area, and wished you had the design skills to make something similar?

You may be pleased to hear that you dont need to be a skilled graphic designer to create eye-catching posters or banners. You will learn how to create them in few minutes without previous experience in graphic design.

Posters and banners allow you to spread your message to a wide audience far cheaper than radio, print or television advertising in a simple, easy and affordable way. An amazing design at the right time can turn your business or event into a crowd magnet.

Advertising posters and banners are affordable and offer a high return on investment relative to newspaper or magazine ads. 

Posters and website banners reach people who are actively looking for something to do, whether it be making a deposit at the bank, looking for a night out or just trying to escape boredom by looking around. They are so diverse, they can be designed for web, print or both.With a clean, eye-catching design, you can make a strong visual impression that lingers in the mind without breaking your marketing budget.

By the end of this ultimate guide to poster and banner design, youll be able to design a them for every event or holiday. You will have them ready to drive results and drive people to your business or event.

Author(s): Bardha I, MBA

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