Autocad 2d And 3d Practice Drawings




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Autocad 2d And 3d Practice Drawings

A collection of AutoCAD practice drawings and projects – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Make 2D and 3d engineering drawings
  • familiarize themselves with application of AutoCAD tools
  • Learn about use of advance 3D modelling tools


  • A basic knowledge of AutoCAD 2D and 3D tools
  • Access to Autodesk AutoCAD software


Who should take this course:

Any one with little knowledge of AutoCAD can take this course, this is made as a supplemental material for practicing skills learnt in my AutoCAD 2016 complete course of Udemy. 

About this course:

In this course you will learn methods of making actual 2D and 3D engineering drawings along with some representation drawings. 

The course is divided into four sections with each section dedicated to a specific type of drawings. The first section has 2D drawings, sections has 3D drawings, third section has advance 3D drawings like making a gear or a Slotted nut etc. 

The last section has a project in which I have taught method of making a coke bottle from scratch. The lessons include 2D sketching, 3D conversion adn rendering of the bottle.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply skills learnt in AutoCAD to real world scenario.
  • Draw 2D and 3D complex drawings

All the lesson files containing PDF and DWG of drawings with dimensions are included with the respective lesson. 

Author(s): Jaiprakash Pandey

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