Ultimate Email Marketing Using Getresponse For Beginners




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Ultimate Email Marketing Using Getresponse For Beginners

How to create Getresponse email lists, opt-in forms & import email marketing lists to grow sales of any business! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Over 14 lectures and 2 hours of content of email Marketing !
  • Use Getreponse (Email Marketing Tool) and it’s various features to grow your business through successful email marketing campaigns
  • Create lists and forms on Getresponse (Email Marketing Tool)
  • Organize and automate your Getresponse (Email Marketing Tool) lists
  • Create compelling follow-up email messages
  • Identify the actions you need to take to grow your subscriber email list
  • Write the perfect Welcome, Subscriber, Promotional, Transactional, Behavioral Emails
  • Recognize what your readers want to hear and provide them with valuable content
  • Drafted action plan than ensures you keep working on building your email marketing list and on cultivating strong relationships with your subscribers


  • Basic understanding of how the internet works
  • Know how email marketing works from a customer point of view. If you have ever received a promotional email, you have a basic understanding!
  • You Must Be Willing to Take Action to Make This Work For You
  • Idea of Email Marketing


Getresponse is an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Their web-based tools help businesses to grow and prosper by allowing them to stay in touch with customers and prospects through email.

In this course, you will start off by learning about Getresponse and all it’s various features, including:

  • List creation, organisation and automation
  • Form creation
  • Verified Opt-ins and how to install them in your WordPress site
  • Creation of follow-up email messages
  • Broadcasting and sending one email message to multiple lists

After you have been introduced to Getresponse and been taught how to use all of it’s powerful features, you will continue into the special Bonus Section where you will learn about another very important aspect of Email Marketing; List-Building.

In this section we provide you with an instructional course workbook and an accompanying activity book.

By working through your course book and completing the assigned activities you will gain a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the following email list-building related topics:

  1. What are email lists and why are they so important?
  2. The Keys to Using an AutoResponder email Effectively
  3. Getting People to Sign Up
  4. The Importance of a Good Introduction
  5. Providing Valuable and Interesting Information to Your email List
  6. What Your Subscribers Want
  7. How to Keep Your Subscribers Tuned In
  8. Engaging with Your Readers
  9. Reaching Your Subscribers Outside of Your email List
  10. Earning Passive and Active Income from Your Email Marketing

Author(s): Jatin Bindal

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