Health And Wellness: Using Cbt To Boost Self-confidence





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Health And Wellness: Using Cbt To Boost Self-confidence

A course that implements psychological approaches and latent mental health themes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn new ways to become better versions of themselves using cognitive behavior therapy methods and tips


  • Positive attitude and understanding that this takes time to achieve through working on self constantly.


Health and Wellness: Using CBT to Boost Self-confidence is a course that focuses on inner self. Your mental, emotional, and physical all co-exist and co-depend on each other. This course will give you approaches to improve in all of the areas stated. This course aims to get you to a healthier place mentally which will transfer to your physical health. Mental health is a significant factor of overall health and leading a fulfilling life. This course will show you how to nurture and cultivate your inner self.

Author(s): Dominique Fields

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