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Amazon Kdp Low And No Content Self Publishing

Learn How to Create and Publish Low Content Books on Amazon for Passive Income – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to create no content books
  • How to create low content books
  • How to do niche research for KDP books
  • How to do keyword research for KDP books
  • How to create book interiors for notebooks and journals
  • How to create book covers
  • How to publish your low content book to Amazon KDP
  • How to scale your Amazon low content KDP Publishing business


  • Must have a computer and access to internet
  • Must have patience and willingness to work hard


You may have purchased journals, planners, notebooks, coloring books, logbooks, and many more of these types of paperback books on Amazon.

You also may be interested in how you can create these types of books easily and become a self-publisher on the Amazon KDP platform.

In this course I show you exactly how to get up and running creating these books, how to do niche research, keyword research, creating book covers, creating book interiors, and much more.

I will show you free and paid methods so you can be sure to get up and running with this low and no content self-publishing business within a day or two.

I currently publish these books on Amazon KDP so my methods are tried and true and not just based on theory.

Join the course today and you can be up in running in no time!

See you in the class!

Author(s): David Mills

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