Yoga For Cyclists





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Yoga For Cyclists

Learn how to use yoga to improve your cycling, speed up recovery and reduce injury. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn how to use yoga to stretch tight muscles (hamstrings, glutes, calves and hip flexors) resulting from cycling.
  • You’ll have lifetime access to a yoga for cyclists class, post cycle yoga sequence and 4 yoga poses which you can incorporate into your usual cool down routine.


  • Make sure you exercise in a large well-lit area that is free from obstacles and that you wear comfortable clothing that doesnt inhibit movement. Stop exercising and consult your physician if you feel dizzy, faint, light-headed or if you experience any discomfort. Only you can monitor your condition during your workout. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking attention and advice as appropriate. Never force or strain.
  • If you suffer from specific injuries or disease it is best to consult with your doctor first.
  • Be familiar with some yoga poses and how to work within your limitations.


Whatever the bike, whatever the experience, whatever the distance – if you like to cycle, then you’ll find this course beneficial to help prevent injury, speed up recovery and improve performance.


The repetitive leg movement when cycling can lead to tightness in the quads, the hamstrings, the calves and the external hip rotators. Tightness in these muscles can eventually lead to pulling on the lower back, creating lower back pain. This can also further lead to misalignment of the hips or pelvis. Other than the repetitive leg movement, cyclists spend most of their time bent forward over the handlebars, which leads to tight hip flexors and rounding through the back. 


This course will provide some poses and sequences that can be used to help reduce the tightness of these muscles. The course will also show you how you can open the chest to counteract the rounding forward, and we’ll go through a few wrist and neck stretches, as well as a couple of strengthen poses. 

Cycling is a great sport – we can make it even better by looking after our muscles both before and after a cycle. Yoga can be used as a tool to help you achieve this and this course will show you how. So join me for this course and see how yoga for cyclists can help you.

Of course, if you’re not a cyclist, but have some of the tight muscles mentioned above, then you’ll also likely find these course beneficial – so feel free to join in on the fun!

If you are new to yoga, then I will soon be launching a beginners yoga course where we will break down all the key poses in yoga. The course will really build your foundation and enable you to flow through a yoga class safely and effectively.

Author(s): Kelly Sheldrick

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