The Complete Css3 And Bootstrap For Beginners





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The Complete Css3 And Bootstrap For Beginners

The best course for learning the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • You will see, the complete web development process from start to finish project.
  • Will be able to design & develop responsive web page
  • Will able to code responsive web using Bootstrap


  • An internet connection is necessary
  • No Web Design or coding knowledge is necessary


We cover everything you need to build your first website. From creating your first page through to uploading your website to the internet. Well use the worlds most popular (and free) web design tool called Visual Studio Code.

There are exercise files you can download and then work along with me. At the end of each video I have a downloadable version of where we are in the process so that you can compare your project with mine. This will enable you to see easily where you might have a problem.

We will delve into all the good stuff such as how to create your very own mobile burger menu from scratch learning some basic JavaScript and jQuery.

You will…

  • Learn how to work with responsive images and icons. and stunning full screen background images and probably one too many gradients.
  • Learn how to create forms and to choose great fonts for your website.
  • Learn how to work with Bootstrap 4 to easily add carousels, cards and complex looking menus.
  • Setup a domain name with hosting so that your website is live on the internet for others to see.

There are fun class projects for you to work on which will enable you to practice what you learn. By the end of this course youll have a great understanding of important web design topics like HTML5, CSS3, Flex box, Responsive design and Bootstrap.

If that all sounds a little too fancy – dont worry, this course is aimed at people new to web design and who have never coded before. Well start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step.

Author(s): Onir Boudayd

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