Html Learning The Basics Intro To Html Website Coding





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Html Learning The Basics Intro To Html Website Coding

This is a Guide for anyone who wants to start Learning more about website design and to learn about HTML code – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Basic understanding of HTML tags
  • How to create hyperlinks
  • How tagging works within HTML
  • Basics for web design


  • No experience neccessary
  • Anyone with an interest in creating content online


Every Website on the Internet is coded is in a language called HTML code. HTML is the skeleton that web pages are built upon. In this course we will teach you the basics of HTML and how to begin to use it to create web content. Learn the basic concepts, that will help you build web content. 

Let us guide you to learn more about HTML and how it s used. Begin to understand the basics of Tagging and even hyperlinks. How code is used and how it functions within your browser.

In this course, we’ll use HTML to add paragraphs, headings, images and links to a webpage. Suitable for beginner programmers and ideal for users who learn faster when shown.

Content and Overview 

  • Hyperlinks
  • title tags
  • paragraph tags
  • HTML content structure
  • HTML text format
  • HTML image inserting
  • HTML metatags

Perfect course for those who want to start creating websites. HTML is the base for web design and this course is a GREAT place to start.

Author(s): Laurence Svekis

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