Making And Selling Simple Sales Video For Beginners





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Making And Selling Simple Sales Video For Beginners

Videos are in VERY high demand right now. Learn how to make them using only free tools, and sell them for a nice pay!

What you’ll learn

  • Sell Video Services to Marketers in Need
  • Fill a High Demand and Get Paid Accordingly
  • Create Crisp 1080p Screencast Videos
  • Create Awesome Powerpoints & Sell Them
  • Get Repeat Business from The Same Customers Over and Over Again
  • Create Awesome WhiteBoard Animations, Which Are in Very High Demand


  • Basic Internet Skills
  • A Working Computer
  • $20


My Udemy courses have been taken 100,000 times by over 25,000 students, have been awarded countless 5 stars reviews.

Course Up to date for 2016. Only fresh information.

Let me show you how I run my businesses. You play the videos, sit back and relax while I run you through every step that is needed to craft beautiful 1080p videos using only free softwares, and sell them for a ridiculous profit.

But let’s not get stuck in 2D here.

Even though you can absolutely sell these videos as a service, earning up to $150 an hour (proof of this in the course), there is much, much more to video marketing, and it has the potential to elevate your life like it did mine.

WATCH the promo video for a sneak peek into some of my earnings.

The video marketing world is on FIRE. If you can craft good looking videos, you are sitting on a pot of gold. There is so much demand out there it’s ridiculous.

Let me show you how to..

  1. Create stunning videos in three different formats that customers will jump all over, and using only free tools
  2. Easily craft a great script that will keep your customers coming back
  3. The EXACT platforms and strategyI use to get much more business that I can possibly handle
  4. A case study showing you over the shoulder my sales script and how I get free traffic from interested prospects
  5. How to treat your customers right and turn them into repeat customers
  6. ..and much, much more

Every marketer’s head spins at the thought of having to create their own video content. They think it’s hard, so they would rather pay you $500 to do it.

So if that sounds good to you, we welcome you abroad. Oh and you get an unconditional 30 Days money back guarantee too.

Enroll now and let’s get started!


Author(s): Howard Lynch, Antoine Lelievre, Antoine Jessen

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