Intro To Django For Web Development – A Crash Course





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Intro To Django For Web Development – A Crash Course

Learn Admin Panel, Django Models, Django Views, Best Practices, Function Based Views, Todo App, INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

What you’ll learn

  • Up And Running With Django
  • Django Admin Panel
  • Django Models
  • Django Views
  • Best Practices
  • Function Based Views
  • Todo App


  • Basic Python/ programming knowledge
  • Knowledge of IDEs and text editors
  • General knowledge of websites and computers


Django is a RAD(Rapid Application Development) python framework. It comes with a lot of magic under the hood which makes it easier to learn and, to get up and running with, in no time. Its easier than the most when it comes to building basic applications but when the application becomes complex, it requires a lot of understanding and customizations. Django is fast, secure and powerful. It comes pre-built with an admin-panel which means that you wont have to create one for your web application.

The website development market has grown exponentially in the past 7 years. There are numerous frameworks in the market but according to StackOverflow django is gaining more popularity than other frameworks like Laravel. Its getting better and the community has grown a lot more than expected. It hasnt stopped yet. Its still growing and this is what makes it perfect to learn.

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