Learn Basics Of Logarithms





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Learn Basics Of Logarithms

Logarithm, Common Vs Natural Log, Product Formulae, Quotient Formulae, Power Formulae, Base Changing Formulae

What you’ll learn

  • The students will learn about Logarithms.
  • The students will learn about Common Vs Natural Log and what’s the difference.
  • The students will learn about Product Formulae ! Laws Of Logarithm
  • The students will learn about Quotient Formulae ! Laws Of Logarithm
  • Power Formulae of Laws Of Logarithm
  • Base Changing Formulae of Laws Of Logarithm
  • Reciprocal Relation of Laws Of Logarithm
  • One To One Property of Laws Of Logarithm
  • Interesting and Useful Results of Logarithm


  • There is no course requirement. This is a basic course.


In this course students will learn

1) Logarithm

2) Logarithm ( Understanding Intuitively)

3) Common Vs Natural Log

4) Product Formulae

5) Quotient Formulae

6) Power Formulae

7) Base Changing Formulae

8) One To One Property 

9) Interesting and useful results

The course also involves learning in a fun and interesting way that will keep you occupied and a quiz at the end to check your understanding.

Author(s): Mind Matters

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