How To Draw & Shade A Realistic Ear





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How To Draw & Shade A Realistic Ear

Making it easy for anyone to draw and shade a realistic ear/Simplified version of drawing – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Master the fundamentals such as: how to see like an artist, construct solid forms, features, anatomy and more
  • Master the skills to draw a realistic ear without any experience/ without any degree
  • Master the foundation of realistic drawing
  • How To Draw ear – How to make your ears easy way
  • how to draw ears
  • how to draw realistic ears
  • how to shade and sketch
  • how to sketch ear


  • Their are no course requirements/ no experience/ no art degree
  • Anyone can draw the realistic ear


Hello guys, I am parshwika, your course instructor, I started my own art career in 2018 and I am a completely self-taught artist.

This course contains basic about how to draw an ear (everything you need to know about drawing an ear )in complete depth completely narrated by me taking you to step by step  ITS AN ULTIMATE DRAWING COURSE ON HOW TO DRAW A REALISTIC FACE COVERING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO DRAW AN EAR.

This is course is an easy step by step process targetted for anyone to draw and shade without any experience or knowledge/ no art degree.

Most simplified version to draw and shade an ear.

I am on a mission to help to struggle and aspiring artists in their art career. From 2018 till 2020 I had learned a lot, I started from complete scratch and till now I have gained some experience in making a portrait. Since I struggled a lot as I am not from art school don’t have any art degree and so I really wasn’t knowing how to draw, it was a challenge for me but then I took this challenge and in 2 years I learned by practicing daily and making new artworks. One thing I want to say that you don’t need any art degree or any kind of experience to become an artist, cause at that time when I was starting with art people were telling me you don’t have any experience and any art degree so you cant draw and sketch. I prove them wrong by practicing daily and making new artworks and I am combining my tips and techniques that I personally used in this art course, this course will going to cover how to draw and sketch and shade a female face step by step taking you to every aspect of an artwork, I hope it will help you. Please give your feedback and reviews as it will help me to improve more.



Author(s): Parshwika bhandari

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