Easy Splits 2020: Learn To Do Splits For Beginners At Home





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Easy Splits 2020: Learn To Do Splits For Beginners At Home

Learn to do the splits easily and safely with this effective step-by-step program for beginners at home – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • set of the most effective stretching exercises for splits
  • the correct technique for performing exercises
  • learn which warm-up is effective before splits stretching
  • how to work with breathing during stretching exercises
  • when and at what time it is better to do a stretching training
  • learn to stretch anywhere and any time using a minimum of equipment
  • learn about the most effective extra bonus splits exercises


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Carpet / gymnastic rug
  • Strap / towel


This course on splits for beginners was taught by me for 5 years to groups of people with no prior stretching experience. These were people of different ages, weights, different levels of training and capabilities. My experience has allowed me to understand that if a person has no restrictions that prevent them from doing the splits, then with due attention to training, the splits dont take long.

My program is designed to achieve results safely. Performing these exercises, you can not worry about the health of your muscles and joints, while the speed in achieving the result will remain at a high level.

Using this program for a long time will allow you to remember forever what exercises are necessary for the progress of leg muscle stretching, which will be useful to you in the future.

A careful study of the rules and recommendations will help you find all the answers to your questions, while you will always be able to contact me for help or support.

What you will find inside the course:

– effective splits program

– recommendations for the correct warm-up before splits

– detailed instructions and easy-to-read visuals

– breathing practice for all exercises

– 3 bonus exercises for quick splits

– 10 useful rules for any stretching

Who this course is for:

– for everyone who wants to get their splits

-for everyone who wants to increase muscle flexibility and get a new level in stretching

-for trainers who want to work with clients in a group or individually

-for adults and children of any age


There are several criteria under which the splits stretching is not recommended:

– serious spine injuries;

– severe leg bruises;

– microcracks in the bones;

– constant pain in the lumbar;

– inflammation of the hip joints;

– high blood pressure;

– pregnancy. There are no direct contraindications to stretching in this case, but you should be careful, listen to your own feelings and consult a doctor.

Author(s): Lisa Leo

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