Create Ai Bot For Facebook Page Messenger Chatfuel No Coding





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Create Ai Bot For Facebook Page Messenger Chatfuel No Coding

Complete Guide to Automate Your Facebook Messenger as your Assistant 10x Your Business Growth – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create Simple Facebook Page Messenger Bot
  • Build AI Artificial Intelligence Responsive Model
  • Schedule Broadcast
  • Send Offers on Events
  • E commerce Bot
  • Json Touch
  • Bot for Videos Page
  • ChatFuel to next Level
  • Response users with Toggle
  • Build Block with User Attributes
  • Weather Bot
  • Subscribe bot
  • Send Email Bot
  • Offer Coupons on Schedule
  • Ecommerce Friendly Assistant
  • Build ChatBot Page


  • Facebook Page
  • ChatFuel
  • Headphones
  • Laptop or PC Mac
  • Internet Connection
  • Other


Speaking of Bot, FACEBOOK is the must have Social Media Marketing Platform which comes First in the up sales Facebook now allows you to control your Facebook Messenger with a Bot There are a lot of bot services which comes to help your Business. Chatfuel is the best option if we speak of Ai Artificial Intelligence Bots. Here i have Increase and gained 10000 Followers on my Facebook Page with just a Bot. If you want to Win in the Competition then Facebook Messenger Chat Bot is your Next Generation Friend to achieve that winning trophy.

  1. Will 10x Your Growth
  2. Up sales on your way
  3. User Friendly Marketing
  4. Covering and assisting all your followers
  5. You can Sell them Any Product In the messenger and Checkout on the spot

Small Industries, Startups, and Local Business Must Deploy a ChatBot which will help you sleep and complete your other tasks

Author(s): Junaid Iqbal

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