Learn Linux On A Mac





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Learn Linux On A Mac

Your very own Linux lab on your MAC – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Get a Ubuntu Virtual Machine (VM) running on your MAC in an hour
  • Get experience with basic Linux commands


  • You need to be able to install applications on your MAC
  • You will download 800 Mbytes of software during the course


This primaryaim of this short course is to help MAC users install and test a virtualUbuntu Linux server on VirtualBox,in around an hour. Although becoming an expert in Linux will take some years, it is not difficult to get a basic server up and running and to geta taste ofLinux in an hour.

Linux is verywidely used now in Internet infrastructure like Web servers,in PublicCloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS and in Private Clouds running on OpenStack. So it will be really worth your while to get some basic experience on the Linux OSbefore you start working on Cloudservers.

The twogreat things about running a VMon your MAC are (i)if it goes wrong, you can easily delete it and start again and (ii) you can work offline without anInternet connection. Ihope you benefit fromthe value of this short course. I really enjoyed putting it together for you.

Author(s): Michael Mullins

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