Nutrition & Natural Medicine To Reduce High Blood Pressure!





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Nutrition & Natural Medicine To Reduce High Blood Pressure!

Learn how to reduce hypertension with the help of nutrition, herbalism, meal planning, natural medicine and fitness!

What you’ll learn

  • … reducing high blood pressure with the help of lifestyle changes and diet.
  • … prevention of further harm (ateriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke …).
  • … information about high blood pressure (key data, statistics, causes and consequences).
  • … reclaiming of personal resposibilty of actions in terms of health.
  • … natural reduction of high blood pressure.
  • … happy, healthy and self-determined life.


  • no prerequisites, but the willingness to take action to do the things explained in this course.


Hello and welcome to “Nutrition & Natural Medicine To Reduce High Blood Pressure! ! ” 

I am pleased to welcome you to this course! 

You want to lower your blood pressure and the simplest and most natural ways (diet and lifestyle)?   

Then you are exactly right in this course!   

I’m Kevin Kockot (M.A. prevention and health promotion) and for many years I worked as an entrepeneur where I give lectures and seminars on topics of prevention and health promotion.   

In this course I will discuss the following points:   

  1. compact information on hypertension (causes, consequences, key data ..) 
  2. options for the natural reduction of high blood pressure 
  3. support living a healthy, self-determined life   

All of this is done in a compact, densed down form, concentrating on the most relevant.  This saves you the effort of research and you have time for the things you love!   

My question:  Do you feel like learning about natural ways to lower your blood pressure and basing yourself on your own health?   

>> Then I am pleased to welcome you to this course!  <<

Here are the points I cover in this course:   

How can I lower my blood pressure naturally with my diet?   

1. potassium

2. cocoa 

3. vegetable juices 

4. less salt 

5. omega 3 fatty acids 

6. coenzyme Q10 

7. l arginine 

8. garlic extract 

9. vitamin d

10. pine bark extract 

11. stinging nettle   

How can I naturally lower my blood pressure with my lifestyle?   

1. reduce overweight 

2. reduce coffee and alcohol consumption 

3. stop smoking 

4. exercise

5. practice a relaxation method 

6. practice sauna sessions 

I also give you access to further ressources!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Udemy!   

I hope you understand this course as a fair offer! 🙂   

And now: have fun in the course! 🙂   

Sicerly yours,

Kevin Kockot

Author(s): Kevin Kockot, M.A.

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