How To Analyze Your Market With Facebook Audience Insights





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How To Analyze Your Market With Facebook Audience Insights

Harness the power of one of the most powerful analytical tools to analyze your audience

What you’ll learn

  • How to research your target audience using Facebook Audience Insights in less than 20 minutes
  • How to extract demographic and behavioral data about your market, fans, website visitors, email subscribers and customers
  • Gain valuable insights about any audience on Facebook (e.g. age & gender, location, education, household income, interests, spending methods, etc…)
  • How to run more efficient Facebook campaigns
  • How to analyze key demographic data and take your marketing to the next level
  • 6 secret tricks to make more sense of your data
  • One trick to find high-performing sharable content with Facebook Insights
  • How to deploy a strong social media strategy
  • How to find new paying customers with just a few clicks
  • Preparing for mobile campaigns
  • … and much more!


  • Following the step-by-step instructions
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Facebook account


Business Marketers Guide to Facebook Audience Insights

Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights, one of the most powerful analytical tools out there. Youll know how to analyze audience data so you can improve your marketing and focus on the people that are relevant to your business.

Whether youre an advertiser that wants to target ads more effectively or a business owner that wants to learn more about your market, this course will bring you the insight you need.

Harness the Power to Analyze Your Audience

  • Build Stronger Buyer Personas and Target Your Marketing
  • Create More Compelling Content that Your Audience Wants
  • Evaluate Behavioral and Graphical Data for a Highly Segmented Audience
  • Research Your Market and Learn More About Your Fans

Run Profitable Paid Traffic Campaigns and Generate More Revenue

Facebook Audience Insights is the best tool to reach the right people, that is, the relevant audience to your product or service. Dont waste time or money by trying to reach a broad audience without knowing anything about them. The key is targeted marketing.

This free tool will provide you with specific information about your market, from age and gender to household size and purchase behavior. Know your website visitors, fans, and email subscribers so you can market to them effectively. Then, you can turn them into customers.

Contents and Overview

The course will start with showing where Facebook pulls its data from so you can see how all this detailed, personal information is attained. Then youll learn the basics of the tool and how to research and analyze your market.

Youll uncover six ways to make sense of your data so you can adjust your strategy based on your analysis. Finding shareable content that your fans love can be difficult, but youll see just how Facebook Audience Insights can help. Youll also discover ways to identify new paying customers so you can increase your revenue.

Next youll find out how you can use the tool to develop a solid social media strategy. With this ability, youll gain more and more fans, who can transform into customers.

The course will wrap up by teaching you about mobile campaigns so you can determine if they are relevant to your market. If they are, youll know how to use them. And finally youll learn about bidding models so you can utilize Facebook Audience Insights to help you determine the right one to use.

Dont let this powerful tool lie under your radar. Take advantage of this free offering to get close to your audience and grow your business.

Author(s): Sandor Kiss, Patrick Dermak

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