From Doodle to Logo




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From Doodle to Logo

Paper to computer…creating a quality logo from a hand drawn image! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create logo from hand drawn image in Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn basic tools, windows and key commands of Adobe Illustrator.


  • Should be able to use a PC at beginner level.
  • Should have access to Adobe Illustrator.


This course will show you step by step of how to take a doodle to a logo on Adobe illustrator, with three different examples. Focusing on image trace, layers and character, this is the perfect video to learn logo creation. For beginners and intermediates that want a refresher. Only things you need are Adobe Illustrator and creativity! 

  • Creating a logo from your own hand drawn image 
  • Scanning that image and placing it into Adobe Illustrator
  • Using tools to create a one of a kind logo with a unique flare

As a professional graphic designer, I create logos for companies using this method all the time. I start with drawing my own logo and finish it in Adobe Illustrator. It gives the logo an authentic and genuine look, that clients love!

Author(s): Juliann S

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