Passive Income – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Websites / Blogs




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Passive Income – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Websites / Blogs

Video course, Ebook and Templates I use on my affiliate websites – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to set up a WordPress Website / Blog
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche selection
  • Keyword List Building
  • Keyword research and Competition Analysis
  • Content Structure for Money Articles
  • Basic Onsite and Offsite SEO techniques


  • All instructions and tutorials are communicated in English


I co-founded and run a digital first creative agency that makes 7 digit (USD) revenues every year. Ive been making passive income with a few affiliate blogs since 2015. Sharing all the knowledge via this course


  • Graduated in 2006
  • First job 26 months (2006 2008). Realized I could not work for someone else
  • 2008 Launched my first startup (18 months) Failed. Learnt everything about SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies during this period
  • 2010- Co-founded a digital agency. Still run it.
  • 2015 Agency money is great but its a lot of work. This is the year I started venturing into affiliate marketing with an objective of making passive income while I sleep. Started working on a few blogs
  • 2018 And 2019 Launched three subscription-based products and services that make close to $70,000+ ever year
  • Present Run a few affiliate blogs that make some decent money every month without me having to do much.



  • Introduction
  • Chapter-1: Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter-2: Niche selection
  • Chapter-3 The game of keywords
  • Chapter-4: Keyword competition and difficulty analysis
  • Chapter-5: Build a brand, not just a website
  • Chapter-6: Content is king, lets rule the internet with it
  • Chapter-7: SEO for your Amazon Niche Website
  • Final Thoughts

Video (1hr 40mins+ of video content)

  • How to set up a website (Bonus – Get 50% off on all web hosting plans with this course )
  • How to build your keyword list with free tools
  • How to build purchase intent keyword list with Google Keyword Planner
  • Competition and Keyword Difficulty analysis using free tools
  • Content structure and Samples of live affiliate sites
  • Which wordpress plugins do I use

Author(s): Dushyant Bhatia

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