Basics of Photography in Hindi Language




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Basics of Photography in Hindi Language

So you want to learn how to use your D-SLR camera. Look no further.

What you’ll learn

  • Click good photographs with D-SLR camera and be Happy.
  • Surprise your family and friends but clicking awesome photographs.


  • You need to have a D-SLR camera.


So you want to know how to use your D-SLR camera.

You want to take good photographs of your family.

You will be able to click good landscapes, your pet photos and a lot more.

You want to move ahead of Auto mode and Click creative photographs.

These video’s will help you use your D-SLR camera better.

There are lot of Photography video’s in English. I purposely made them in Hindi to cater to Hindi speaking people.

The video’s simplify Exposure and help you to take good photographs in any lighting situation. Be it Morning, Afternoon, Evening or your Drawing room.

Learn about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure and Focusing in a simple manner.

Tomorrow who knows, you can develop a great hobby and go far and make it your profession.

More You Click every day, more you Learn every day.

Created by Vishal Diwan

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