The Complete Technical SEO Course for WordPress [Urdu/Hindi]




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The Complete Technical SEO Course for WordPress [Urdu/Hindi]

Master Technical SEO with this complete Technical SEO Course, Improve your website crawl ability and User experience

What you’ll learn

In this technical SEO course, you will learn how to make your website technically sound, to rank higher in search engines


  • You need a website to practice and apply technical SEO techniques


You can’t rank higher in google and in other search engines only by doing on-page and off-page SEO (doesn’t matter how well you do it).

That’s true.

If your website has technical issues and crawlers can’t crawl your website then don’t think of getting any traffic from search engines.

If your website is technically optimized then crawlers will easily crawl your site, understand your content and index it. Moreover, with technical SEO, your user experience will improve and people will love to read your content and come back again.

I am in the SEO field for the last five years. I am successfully running multiple blogs that are getting huge traffic from search engines.

Created by Asim Ali

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