C Programming Fundamentals In Hindi




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C Programming Fundamentals In Hindi

Became The Programmer Right Now !

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to do Efficient Programming With Optimized way
  • In the end student will able to do programming in almost every language with full command


  • You need to know nothing, I will explain you all basically this is for beginners who don’t know what is actually C programming.
  • Here you just need to know how to use Computer or Laptop what device you have for operational purpose.
  • Before start to the course you have to know that you can do what you want be confident


In this course i will like to explain all about the C programming fundamentals skills. By this course every non technical which means a non computer science background person can learn C programming from basic to advanced level. The best part of this course is that, it’s in the local language Urdu or Hindi. Which is much understandable for beginner which is from like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc.

I will like to taught in local language because many students are weak in English so they think they can’t do programming or facing the difficulties in programming just because they can’t understand the English.

This course is very easy to understand the basic knowledge of C programming after this anyone can be able to write own codes and solve any problem in a few codes. 

Created by Junaid Shahid

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