How to Create a WordPress Blog for Free




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What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn, how to create a WordPress blog for free. This is a great opportunity for beginners to learn how to use WordPress. You will not need to spend any money on hosting or to learn how to install WordPress locally.

For this course, I will use 000webhost as our web hosting. They offer a free web hosting plan, it’s enough for small blogs and business websites. Once you reach the limitations you can always upgrade to a better plan.

Setting up Your Hosting

In this part of the course, I’ll show you how to set up your web hosting and install WordPress. As well, I will walk you through the control panel of 000webhost. You will learn what are the most important tools and settings that you might use in the future.

If you will decide to get a domain name for your website I’ll show you how to point it to your web hosting. If you are planning to use your website, and not just learn how to use WordPress then in this case I highly recommend you to get a domain name. This will help a lot for SEO and you will get more organic visitors

Starting With WordPress

After you understand how to use hosting, we will move to the WordPress lessons. Here you will learn how to navigate the WordPress dashboard. At first glance, it might look very confusing because there are a lot of different settings. I’ll walk you through each section so you would understand how everything works.

From here, we will move on to the WordPress settings. I’ll show you what adjustments you have to do if you want to have a proper running WordPress blog.

Since WordPress is free and an open-source content management system, there are plenty of various themes and plugins. By using them, you can create almost any type of website. I’ll show you how to install them on your WordPress blog and how to activate them. With various combinations of plugins and themes, you’ll be able to create your unique-looking website.

For this course, I’ll be using a free, yet very customizable, WordPress theme, which is called “Bam”. Using this theme, I was able to create a nice-looking website, which you will see at the beginning of this course.

If you will want to create a different looking WordPress blog, I’ll show you where you can get premium themes. These are usually way more customizable, but they cost money. From my own experience, I can tell that they are worth it, but you need to know how to choose right. And this is where I’ll help you by sharing some tips for picking premium WordPress themes.

Adding content to your WordPress blog

Usually, WordPress beginners have a difficult time understanding the difference between pages and blog posts. In this course, you’ll learn how they are different, and what type of information you should add to them.

I’ll show you how to use the latest version of the WordPress text editor. With it, you’ll be able to create great-looking blog posts and pages.

You’ll learn how to create contact us pages with a WordPress plugin “Ninja Forms.” Using this page your visitors will be able to contact you. You’ll receive their messages to your email.

Customizing your WordPress blog

By following my customization lessons, you’ll be able to create a similar-looking WordPress blog, just like the one you saw in the introduction video. I’ll walk you through all settings, which you can use to customize a theme in your own way.

I’ll show you how to create a footer for your WordPress blog in which we will include our pages and social media profiles. Most of the free themes don’t even let you do that unless you upgrade to a paid version. That’s why I like the “Bam” theme because with a free version, we will get a lot of customization options, and we will be able to create a footer.

You will have two options for how you want your WordPress blog homepage to look. You can display the latest posts, or you can create a static page. By default, WordPress will show the latest posts, but I’ll show you how you can change that. This way, with the help of WordPress text editor, you can create your own homepage.

And once you learn how the customization of WordPress themes works, you will be able to work with other themes as well. Most of the settings are very similar, and you shouldn’t face any issues.

WordPress SEO for beginners

Writing content to your WordPress blog is not enough if you want to get organic traffic. I’ll show you how you can optimize your content so you will have better chances to appear in a higher position of Google search results. You will learn what keywords are and how you can use them in your advantage to get organic traffic.

We will install the Yoast SEO plugin on our WordPress website, and I’ll show you the most important settings. Later we will use this plugin to add meta description and meta title to our WordPress blog posts. As well, we will be able to check how our blog posts look in Google search results.

I will share with you two tools that you can use to do keyword research. With these tools, you will be able to understand how popular are your targeted keywords. As well, you will get some ideas for your WordPress blog posts.

You have to know how much traffic you are getting and where it’s coming from if you want to have a successful WordPress website. By using Google Analytics, you can easily access this information. I’ll show you how to add it to your WordPress blog. Insights of Analytics will help you to understand your visitors better.

As well, I will show you how to claim your website with Google Search Console. By using this tool, you can track the performance of your keywords, and much more. Also, Google will notify you about errors on your website, which needs your attention.

WordPress help for beginners

If you’ll have any problems with your WordPress website join the WordPress Explained Facebook group. Here members of this group will help you with any questions related to WordPress.

Thank you for checking this course, and I wish you the best of luck with your WordPress journey.

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